Portfolio Website Inspiration

As I begin the planning stage for my own portfolio website, I found three sites that I like and want to use as inspiration for my own.

The first site is Foxie’s Graphic Design. I like how unique and different this site is. My favorite part about the site is the was the shelf is used to display tabs that look like books and not like the normal tab. Although I like that feature, I wish that when I clicked on a tab I would have been taken to a new page instead of seeing it displayed within the picture frame. I wish the site would have displayed the actual portfolio pieces more prominently. I would like to try to do something like this bookshelf for my site if possible or some other creative, unexpected aspect.

Another site I found interesting was a personal portfolio site by Linh Pham, who is a creative designer. I like that the site looks like a desk, it is very creative while still maintaining a professional look. I like how aesthetic aspects of the site, but I think it would be better is the objects on the desk were interactive or opened another tab when you clicked on them. I think that would be especially useful for the business cards. Again, I would like to use an object as a tab.

The last site I found is a creative communication portfolio that belongs to Alastaire Allday. I like the aesthetic aspects of the site from the picture to the tabs located at the bottom of the page. I also think the tabs are used effectively and the site is easy to navigate. Because this is a creative communications portfolio I think the style and design fit perfectly with the business and help showcase the creativity while still being clean and professional. Also, using a picture of yourself makes the site more personal and potential clients can relate seeing your face on the site rather than only text.

All of these sites are creative and dynamic. For my portfolio website I want to incorporate some of these creative aspects, while maintaining professionalism and making my site easy to navigate.

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One Response to Portfolio Website Inspiration

  1. jlafantastic says:

    I thought the web portfolios you discussed were interesting =D

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