Good Help is Hard to Find or Any Help at All for that Matter

The more projects I have to do for class, the more I realize that people genuinely hate being on camera and hearing their voice recorded or played. 

The first assignment I did, my podcast, I hated the way my voice sounded when I recorded it, and I knew that most people felt the same way.  But, the more I try to find willing participants for my projects the more I realize that some people will just absolutely refuse to put themselves in front of a camera, and they will make any excuse they possible can to get out of being on camera.

So, I asked my friends why they hate being in front of the camera so much, and here are their responses.  I am going to use their reasons for future reference so I can talk people into helping me by having a response to their excuses.

Friend #1: “It just takes too long because I mess up so much.”

Response: “It won’t take that long, and I will need a couple of takes anyway to make sure I have the right audio level and background. So, you will have takes to practice on.”

Friend #2: “I hate the way my voice sounds on tape.”

Response: “Everyone hates the way they sound on tape, but the only people who will see this will be me and my professor. You aren’t being critiqued on your voice or acting ability.”

Friend #3: “I get really nervous and forget what I’m supposed to say.”

Response: ” You have nothing to be nervous about. I’m the only one getting graded on this and I just really appreciate your help. I’ll give you a script so you can look at it before and while we shoot until you are more comforable.”

I think that having a response for the excuses people make not to help will utlimately help me convince them to help me and get over being nervous or camera shy.

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