The World of Internet Videos

In the ever-changing media world today, the use of video has become one of the fastest ways to publicize a brand, group or product.  Here are a couple examples of the power of video.

Although this video is not the most creative and the song is pretty much a train wreck, this video is still a good example of the power of word-of-mouth and the power of broadcasting a video on YouTube.  I have heard people talking about this video in all of my classes at OSU. With 57,987,458 viewers, I would say the goal of creating awareness about this song through YouTube was successful.

This video is a great example of using YouTube to create awareness for a cause. I had heard about Earth Hour before seeing this video, but this video made more of an impact to me than just hearing about it.  Seeing what other people had done for Earth Hour inspired me to have my own Earth Hour, which I did yesterday starting at 8:30 p.m. Although this video does not have millions of views, I think the people who did see the video were likely inspired to participate in Earth Hour. If the 68,063 viewers acted upon the message in this video, this video was successful by getting the viewers to take action and participate.

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