Podcasting 101

Last week, our podcast assignment was due in Electronic Communications. I had never done a podcast before, and I was nervous about making my first one. 

I had a great partner. I’m glad I kind of lucked into being partners with Kaitlyn. We both wanted to start early and get it done before the due date so we would have plenty of time to revise it and ask Jory questions. I’m so glad we got a jump start on it because the project would have been way more stressful if we would have waited.

We interviewed Andrew McGee about his involvement with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. We were really happy with our interview and we got a lot of good quotes from him.  In hind sight, I wish we would have been more aware of giving Andrew feedback throughout the interview.  There were a couple of quotes we lost because we laughed or talked before he finished talking.

I learned about GarageBand, which I had never used before. Although it was basic skills, I will feel more comfortable in the future using it and learning to use it better.  We edited our interview and recorded our parts of the podcast next. Because we started early, we were able to take a day off from working on it and then come back and listen to it fresh, which helped us be more objective about what we had made the first day.  I have more appreciation for people who host weekly podcasts because it took us one week to make our podcast I can’t imagine interviewing, editing and finding fresh material every week. But, I guess practice makes perfect. 

I’m glad that I survived my first podcast. I have a new appreciation for podcasters and my Electronic Communications class too. If I wasn’t in  this class, I would have never learned about podcasts or how to create my own. Our next assignment is a sound slide. So, bring it on!

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