A Night at the Movies

I hate going to the movies and walking out thinking, “I just wasted time and money watching that movie,” or browsing thousands of movies on Netflix only to choose a movie that I’ve already seen at least a dozen times.  I think I may have found a solution for my problem of “picky movie-watcher syndrome.” I am now a huge fan of Trading Movies, a podcast I stumbled upon on iTunes.

Trading Movies official logo designed by Ethan Newberry

Trading Movies is a podcast dedicated to movies, just like it sounds like it would be. Craig and Maria, the “hosts,” of the podcast swap movies each week and share their thoughts about each movie.  Last month, the podcast featured movies that were in theaters at the time, “Burlesque” and “Another Year.” I really liked the episode because it was great to hear opinions about the movie before seeing it in theaters, which I decided not to go see because of the podcast, although my roommate loved it.

In addition to reviewing movies showing in theaters, Craig and Maria also switch older movies, which is great when searching for something to watch on Netflix. Listening to the podcast is more interesting and offers more of a dynamic review and personal opinion than reading movie reviews on sites such as Rotten Tomatoes, or other movie sites.  Maria and Craig debate and offer insight into why they like or dislike the movies and the listener can identify more with the aspects of the movie they would like as well when the review is coming from people the can listen to over a podcast.

I like the dynamic having a man’s opinion and woman’s. Sometimes I fall into the trap of only watching “chick flicks,” because I’m the typical girl and I love the happily ever after stories, so having two opinions help balance the tendency to lean toward only one genre of movies.  Having a man’s opinion also helps me talk my boyfriend into watching the movies too.  For the movie buff and avid movie-goer, Trading Movies is the perfect podcast to find movies to watch or avoid.

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