Social Media: The Only Addiction Worth Having

As a PR student, it’s become overwhelmingly obvious to me that social media plays an important role in the everyday life of PR professionals (not to mention everyone else too). Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have become valuable tools to the PR world. Social media is a great way to create awareness about your company, brand or even yourself.

Case in point, Saxum PR, a PR firm located Oklahoma, updates their twitter and Facebook pages regularly.  I personally follow Saxum on both Twitter and Facebook. Saxum tweets about internships, posts on their blog and other tips relevant to those in the PR industry, and they also use Facebook to reinforce the same messages they tweet about to draw their audience back to their site. Saxum, along with many other PR firms, use social media as a public relations tool.  This tool is usually incorporated as a tactic in many PR campaigns today.

Using social media effectively is a skill that anyone can learn. Learning this skill can pay off enormously.  Social media offers endless possibilities, and with the number of times people check Twitter and Facebook per day, a PR professional could be sitting on a “goldmine,” if they learn to use these tools to their advantage.

According to Brian Solis, in December 2009, people on average spent five and a half hours on social network sites, like Twitter and Facebook, per day. With the increase in popularity of both sites over the last year, the average time spent on these sites has likely increased as well.  These sites also offer ways to track the awareness of your page. 

So, step one to becoming part of the social media world and promoting your company or even yourself, register for Facebook and Twitter (if you are one of the laggards who haven’t quite caught on yet).  Trust me, once you get the hang of it, you will become a Facebook and Twitter “junkie,” like the rest of us, and you and your business will benefit.

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