A look back on MC 2023- Electronic Communications

This semester has gone by so fast and as it winds down I want to look back at all the things I’ve learned in MC 2023.

Before taking Electronic Communications, obviously I did not have a blog that I updated weekly. I have friends that have a blog and they use it to share artwork and photographs, but after I started my own, I have a new appreciation for those who blog and update weekly. I also had never created a podcast, SoundSlide, video or website and now that I’ve done all of those things I feel like I can learn new things quickly and produce a products I can be proud of. My finished products were no where close to professional quality, but because I’ve created my own now, I realize how much time and work goes into creating those products with professional quality.

As this semester ends, I feel like I’ve gained valuable skills that I can use throughout the rest of my college career and even when I get my first job. I’m glad I took this class.

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Portfolio Website Inspiration

As I begin the planning stage for my own portfolio website, I found three sites that I like and want to use as inspiration for my own.

The first site is Foxie’s Graphic Design. I like how unique and different this site is. My favorite part about the site is the was the shelf is used to display tabs that look like books and not like the normal tab. Although I like that feature, I wish that when I clicked on a tab I would have been taken to a new page instead of seeing it displayed within the picture frame. I wish the site would have displayed the actual portfolio pieces more prominently. I would like to try to do something like this bookshelf for my site if possible or some other creative, unexpected aspect.

Another site I found interesting was a personal portfolio site by Linh Pham, who is a creative designer. I like that the site looks like a desk, it is very creative while still maintaining a professional look. I like how aesthetic aspects of the site, but I think it would be better is the objects on the desk were interactive or opened another tab when you clicked on them. I think that would be especially useful for the business cards. Again, I would like to use an object as a tab.

The last site I found is a creative communication portfolio that belongs to Alastaire Allday. I like the aesthetic aspects of the site from the picture to the tabs located at the bottom of the page. I also think the tabs are used effectively and the site is easy to navigate. Because this is a creative communications portfolio I think the style and design fit perfectly with the business and help showcase the creativity while still being clean and professional. Also, using a picture of yourself makes the site more personal and potential clients can relate seeing your face on the site rather than only text.

All of these sites are creative and dynamic. For my portfolio website I want to incorporate some of these creative aspects, while maintaining professionalism and making my site easy to navigate.

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Saving the Internet: A Fight for Net Neutrality

The battle between big companies with money and the consumer is becoming increasingly more prominent in the debate for and against net neutrality. According to the New York Times, net neutrality is the holding that Internet service providers treat all sources of Internet data equally, regardless of the size of the entity providing the date.

According to the New York Times, the current system allows all users to access all sites regardless of the nature of the site or how dynamic the site is.

If net neutrality is done away with, everyone will feel the financial effects. Companies would have to pay higher rates for more dynamic sites and in turn, the consumers would have to pay more to access these sites.  The only people who would benefit from doing away with net neutrality would be the big businesses who can easily afford to pay the premiums to have a top tier site.  Because many small businesses could not afford to pay high prices to have their site in the top tier of the new Internet system, the companies would suffer because consumers would not be as interested in the site because it would not be as interactive or appealing as the other premium sites.

Not only would the companies suffer, but consumers who could not afford such high prices for Internet would suffer as well. Because the Internet is net neutral right now, all consumers have availability to news sites and other valuable informational sites. Many people use the Internet as their main newsgathering site, and if the Internet becomes more expensive, these people would suffer and no longer be able to do their duty to be informed citizens.

Net neutrality should be fought for and people need to fight to protect the rights of consumers and small business.  The only people who would benefit in making the Internet a tiered system would be the big businessmen who want to drive out their competition.

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My First Video Experience

Now that I have done my first video finished, I have learned what to do and what not to do when making a video.

The overall experience was good, but there are a few things I would have changed about my video. In my initial planning for my video, I planned on filming all my scenes outside, but with the Oklahoma wind there was not possible way to make that work. So, I had to change my plans and find places inside that would work for my video. The second scene could have been shot in a different, more interesting location, but it works for my first try. Also, if I would have had better equipment my audio would have been better. I adjusted the audio as much as I could to make it work in my video.

I’m glad I choose to do a video about OSU because shooting the video was easy, and I could just meet people on campus to do it, instead of having a more complicated location. Also, I am glad that my alternate spots worked out and I’m happy with the location of my scenes overall.

Making this video made me realize how much work and planning goes into any video, and I’m also glad I have more knowledge about video.

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Class Video Project: Choose OSU

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Good Help is Hard to Find or Any Help at All for that Matter

The more projects I have to do for class, the more I realize that people genuinely hate being on camera and hearing their voice recorded or played. 

The first assignment I did, my podcast, I hated the way my voice sounded when I recorded it, and I knew that most people felt the same way.  But, the more I try to find willing participants for my projects the more I realize that some people will just absolutely refuse to put themselves in front of a camera, and they will make any excuse they possible can to get out of being on camera.

So, I asked my friends why they hate being in front of the camera so much, and here are their responses.  I am going to use their reasons for future reference so I can talk people into helping me by having a response to their excuses.

Friend #1: “It just takes too long because I mess up so much.”

Response: “It won’t take that long, and I will need a couple of takes anyway to make sure I have the right audio level and background. So, you will have takes to practice on.”

Friend #2: “I hate the way my voice sounds on tape.”

Response: “Everyone hates the way they sound on tape, but the only people who will see this will be me and my professor. You aren’t being critiqued on your voice or acting ability.”

Friend #3: “I get really nervous and forget what I’m supposed to say.”

Response: ” You have nothing to be nervous about. I’m the only one getting graded on this and I just really appreciate your help. I’ll give you a script so you can look at it before and while we shoot until you are more comforable.”

I think that having a response for the excuses people make not to help will utlimately help me convince them to help me and get over being nervous or camera shy.

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The World of Internet Videos

In the ever-changing media world today, the use of video has become one of the fastest ways to publicize a brand, group or product.  Here are a couple examples of the power of video.

Although this video is not the most creative and the song is pretty much a train wreck, this video is still a good example of the power of word-of-mouth and the power of broadcasting a video on YouTube.  I have heard people talking about this video in all of my classes at OSU. With 57,987,458 viewers, I would say the goal of creating awareness about this song through YouTube was successful.

This video is a great example of using YouTube to create awareness for a cause. I had heard about Earth Hour before seeing this video, but this video made more of an impact to me than just hearing about it.  Seeing what other people had done for Earth Hour inspired me to have my own Earth Hour, which I did yesterday starting at 8:30 p.m. Although this video does not have millions of views, I think the people who did see the video were likely inspired to participate in Earth Hour. If the 68,063 viewers acted upon the message in this video, this video was successful by getting the viewers to take action and participate.

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What I learned from my Soundslide Project

Working on the Soundslides project proved to be more difficult than I initially expected. Picking a topic was the biggest challenge in the planning phase. I was unsure of what would be interesting enough to do my project over. After talking to a couple of people, the idea to get an inside look at the Oklahoma State University Student Union, while it is under construction, became my topic.

Interviewing and taking pictures was relatively easy, and I was able to get all my material in the course of an afternoon. I wish I would have started work immediately after getting my material.  I waited to really start working on the project until early during the week it was due.

The Soundslides project was difficult because each step had to be perfect before moving on to the next step. After a few tries and messing up a couple times, I finally got it down. Because I did make mistakes I learned what not to do.  This project was different from the projects I have done in the past, but I learned a lot that I can use in the future.

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Soundslides Project

Check out my Soundslide about the Oklahoma State University Student Union renovation.

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Exploring Photography

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